What would you do to save your only child?

Over the course of 10 years a group of people discover who and what they are, what is to come and what they must do to save their children and ultimately the human race.

They discover they have abilities but soon realise that their children have the opposite ability, creating an event that appears to be infinite.


The above is a story I have been working on.

How does it grab you?

Does it make you want to know more?


Your thoughts appreciated as always 🙂

Think Before You Post

Human Interest

Several new WordPress members just tried to crucify me over a reblog or two. One claimed I was plagiarizing. Others claimed I was using a tragedy to get my blog stats up there. First of all, a reblog gives credit to the page where the post was originally posted on. As for the stats, I could care less. The article hit home since we are both Dominican and very close in age. Some words of advice, think before picking your battles on here.

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Somewhere in Colorado, USA


This was taken back in 1998 when I was only 18 years old. This was my family’s first holiday abroad. We spent time in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, and I have to say they are beautiful states.

The people we met were lovely and they welcomed us with open arms, as some of the towns we visited had never had visitors from England.

I am hoping to re-visit in a year or so as there was so much more to see and do that we just could not fit in.

Crowded Room


In a crowded room, I am all alone

Glimpsing the ones I know, somehow unfamiliar

Invitations flow but still, I am all alone

In a crowded room, I am all alone

Fun and laughter left long ago

Sadness and regret is all that I know

In a crowded room, I am all alone

Filled with noise, I have no poise

 Too many voices, I have no choices

Who’s is that shadow?

A crash of thunder I run for cover

In awe at such a wonder

In a crowded room, I am all alone

Ceasing to be, yet this still to be

In a crowded room, I am not alone


In a crowded room, no longer alone

Conversation fraught

I have no thought

What is that shadow?

In a crowded room, again all alone

A whisper, a shudder

Where is that noise?

In a crowded room, am I alone?

        I wrote this over a year ago and at that time I wasn’t in the best of places, both physically and mentally. I’d had a year of suffering blackouts, friends being there and friends not being there. In reality I was surrounded by people yet in my mind I was alone and always longing for something more yet not appreciating what I did have.

        I suppose what I am trying to say to those that I have distanced myself from is, I’m sorry and to ask that you bear with me whilst I navigate through a plethora of thoughts, feelings and emotions that have somehow become foreign to me.