Broken Exhaustion

Broken Exhaustion


Geoff Lambert

I am breathless

and I am restless

All I see is a cloud

to which I am not proud


with broken exhaustion

Waste and haste

has no time or place

High’s and Low’s bring the blows

I reap what I sow

Pity in the city

I can’t help this ditty

Cracked and splintered

pain in my vein

Up and down

scared of that clown

I am broken

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Get ready for ‘Interstellar’ with these TED Talks

TED Blog

Since the first teaser in 2013, we’ve been in countdown mode for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new outer-space epic that promises to blast us through space and time. It opened today in limited release; if you’re as excited as we are but can’t clear three hours until the weekend to go see the whole movie, here are a few TED Talks that relate to the plot points we could figure out from obsessively watching trailers.

The story begins on an earth devastated by drought and climate change. Dystopian, but unless we take action, we’re heading there in reality too. In this talk, Jonathan Foley makes a case for “terrafarming” — thinking of the planet’s food systems as one big connected whole.

Meanwhile Gavin Schmidt shows us how emergent global patterns are causing our climate to get less predictable (scary, but they make hypnotizing GIFs).

And … I don’t know…

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Dear America.



As one human being of billions of others on Earth, I felt I had to write to you today.

I love America and generally for what it stands for in the whole global arena; however I have to say you’ve annoyed me greatly today America!

Let’s face it, you do good things in the world, you advocate change and some of you are beginning to embrace equality. You promote democracy, human rights, and women’s rights and so on. So why have I just come to read that in the city area of Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida, that a 90 year old man has been arrested not for murder, or rape or fraud, but for doing something that most other human beings think nothing of. He was arrested for feeding the homeless.

Who in their right mind elects these officials that can come up with the law or ordinance that stipulates that you can be arrested and jailed for up-to 60 days just for giving a homeless person be it a sandwich and a cup of tea or a lovingly homemade pumpkin pie?

I understand not feeding the pigeons and rats that you class as vermin, are you now classing the homeless as “vermin” because that is exactly what this law looks like, the moment you start treating any human being on American soil with that contempt is the moment that you lose all your credibility as “one” of the global superpowers.

America, you need to get a grip, step up and stop this sheer stupidity, how can you go out into the world and continue advocating change, when you cannot get the simplest of things right on your own soil, you’ve fought for years for your freedoms and much loved constitutional rights, you also fight wars not only for your benefit but for the benefit of billions across the world yet, in Fort Lauderdale it is against the law for a human being to feed a fellow human being in public.

Build another homeless shelter or create new soup kitchens, just stop arresting people for being, well, basically compassionate human beings.

The victims of our greed have already been born.

Let’s face it, how many of us go out and buy the latest expensive gadget even if it means squeezing this month’s budget? Not surprisingly, it’s the majority of us be it for our own pleasure or succumbing to our children’s demands to not be outdone by their friends.

The dictionaries definition of greed is “an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power and possessions” Putting aside possessions until later we come to in my opinion, the two main perpetrators, wealth and power.

Attacking on two fronts, firstly with power which encompasses a multitude of meanings but for my arguments sake I’m referring to the political, social and organizational authority of control and our insatiable need for Oil & Gas, secondly with our need for the accumulation of monetary wealth.

Take any government on economic policies and what do we have; growth, whilst this is sensible in the sense of progression the need for it is helping to create a world where gradual and sustainable growth practically no longer exists.

Society as a whole revolves around the need for growth and the accumulation of possessions and wealth which is not helped with the control over our own thought processes of what we actually need, but by what we think we need. The big brands of the world don’t actually care about you, all they want is your money to make you poorer and unhealthier and them, well far richer and far more powerful.

Oil and gas is finite, it will run out and it will run out far sooner for some of us than we actually care to think. When this happens what reserves are left WILL be fought over across the globe.

As a generation on the cusp of many great discoveries, why as the dominant species are we not joining forces to make the greatest discovery of all time for the benefit of all mankind, present and future?

Who are the victims? Well, they are our children. Those born today will be left the destructive legacy of our insatiable greed, that will eventually lead to the planet no longer being able to sustain the billions that we currently have, let alone the billions more in 40-50 years time.

Britain’s housing crisis solved!

In a country where house prices are increasingly making it difficult for the lower paid to get onto the property, I have an idea that would that not only would alleviate the housing crisis but also create employment for many.

The problem is, I need £1.5million to do this.

I’m not a mathematician nor a house builder, so these figures maybe slightly out but he premise of the idea is sound.

Simply put, I would build a block of flats of good quality and finishing, the sort that would be ideal for first time buyers, and put them on the market at a price that is actually affordable. Just for talking sake, say 30, 2 bed flats cost £1.5million to build, inclusive of costs etc, and the market value for each flat was £130,000, I would market these at £100,000 with a built in 3 year no re-sell clause.

Selling these initial properties would provide an approximate 95-100% profit, that profit in turn would help build 60 flats and so on, eventually making enough money to start building more social housing of a decent quality.

With the current state of housing crisis, I cannot understand why the government can’t do much more to help build Britain a brighter future, a future where people can actually aspire to and afford a property of their own. Too many greedy housebuilders only think of profit, profit, profit which is sensible if you have shareholders to account to, however in an age where we are short by 500,000 properties, the above idea makes complete sense to me and maybe me alone I’m not sure.

Starting on this house building bonanza, this would also help to secure much needed employment and also create new employment up and down the country.