Hi, I’m Geoff and this is my blog.

You’re more than likely asking yourself what makes this blog any different to the vast array of blogs that are currently on the internet, and in short the answer is, nothing.

Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true.

I’m just your average Joe really, except that I have a mind of my own with observations and opinions that are not necessarily yours. In fact, my mind is so full of ideas, opinions, visualizations and emotions that I find it extremely hard to express myself. The intention is there, but somehow the ability of expression of these emotions evades me.

I can be in a crowded room filled with friends, yet I still feel like the loneliest person in the room.

So I am on a journey of self discovery and I invite you to join me as I try to piece together and make sense of a world full of beauty and contradictions, what makes me tick as an individual and whether my voice amongst billions of others can be heard.



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