The Straw Hat Effect

I was being lead down a different path and was not with the people who I should have been with. I needed to just let go and trust the universe. Maybe this time, I’m realising what truly matters, and not to take for granted the people who never leave me behind.

I compartmentalise and internalise external pressures and expectations and I aim to meet the expectations of others rather than focusing on my own expectations.

Feeling lonely is not a thing about my life that I’m happy with, although being alone I can handle. I enjoy my own company.

I suppose my feelings of loneliness is a deep feeling for companionship and maybe love, but being in the company of friends and loved ones seems contradictory to really just wanting to be left alone.

Feeling lonely brings memories and confusion, the better parts of my life and noticing their absence. It also makes me think Why me?

Being alone is doing things by myself, but also doing them for myself.

Life’s too short to drink cheap wine and worry about the people who don’t worry about you.

But the truth is, I will always be content with myself; with or without interaction with other people.


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